2013. it will be great

it's that time again! the time where another eventful year has passed, and it's time for us to struggle for hopefully another great year. 2012 has been really good to me. i've got many opportunity that i think for a million years i wouldn't get. that's why life is worth living. there are so many surprises for us out there. who knows what you're getting into? and i'm really looking forward to this year. especially going to Norway next February. for this new year resolution, i don't want to make a list anymore. i just want to juggle it on my head, and always keep all options open for mid year resolution ;p but the most wanted wish that i have in my mind right now is: graduated. doesn't matter if it's gonna be in December, but i want to graduate this year and hopefully searching for my Master's degree outside Indonesia the next year. i know this year is gonna be challenging for me, but hey, that's what i want for my life. a little bit of challenge :)

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