welcoming 2012 :D

so this year is really interesting. i didn't celebrate actually celebrate it like i used to (which is with my friend, roast some corn and light up a few fireworks). no, instead i spend it with my big family in Depok. all of us hanging around playing bikes, fireworks, watching TV, and light conversation. i even slept at 11 pm and text my friends a happy new year right before 11. it was surely sth different, but i actually kinda liked it.
it sorta funny actually how it started. i was so busy with my assignments and stuff, and one afternoon when i had lunch with my girls, one of them asked me do i have any plans for new year's eve. and there i realized. oh my god! i haven't had the time to even think about it or asked my friends back home to organize something. but i didn't regret it at all. i mean how important it is to celebrate new year? i think we should celebrate OUR change, not some YEAR. because no matter the year is, people won't matter that, but the one that's inside of you, that's the one that will truly matter.

so enough said, happy new year and hopely happy new you :)

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