'ngesot' to Bali

well.. i have learned the hard way to travel. i mean literally! my back was sore, my neck is really in all the wrong places, my butt is really really hot and numb, my friends and i didn't take a shower for two days! haha!
so first, i took Primajasa bus from Lebak Bulus to Jatinangor. then i took a breath at the house and go straight to meet my friends. then we gone to Rancaekek to take a train to Bandung. in Bandung, we continued the train to Malang. it took about 12 hours (i think and i think that's when my back started to sore ;p) from Malang, we took a bus to Jember and from Jember we continued the bus journey to Bali (which is really scary because we were in the same bus with a hell bunch of scary men).

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