movie marathon

at laaast.. after i've been whining non stop 'cause i couldn't watch this movie the day it premiere in my country, i've watched it this week! and it was, like i already guessed, mind-blowing! i loovee.. the effect that they make and how they interpret the war in Hogwarts to a motion picture. just brilliant! but i don't really like the ending. it was too fast, and all the detail that i read in the book wasn't there. aand.. what the hell with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the others? they were supposed to be old and mature, but in the movie they weren't. it was just like they taking they're sisters and brothers to the train station instead of their sons and daughters. 

just like the headline says, after i watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, i watched this movie. i know.. this was my friends idea 'cause he said if he had to go the mall again for another day and wanted to watched this, he probably won't have any friends. and like any other Fast and Furious movies, it didn't disappoint me at all! all the cars, the stars and the songs! i mostly love the songs in this movie. so catchy and so brazilian! ;p

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