to know me more

 soo.. this is my room (kosan). i'm sharing it with my older sister. not the perfect room to live in, but i'm always trying to grow into it. it's actually better when it comes to temperature. it's colder up in here than my friend's room. but it's scary when days become night (or maybe just because i'm a pussy. damn those horror movie!)

and this iiis.. my super duper messy corner. haha! but sometimes messy is art. right? ;p
but i'm not a messy girl, sometimes i tidy things up including this corner although i prefer to make it messy. it's comfortable for me to see it like that (i don't know why).

and last, my closet (that i can't and never will locked). it will never be as messy as my corner because i love to coordinate all my clothes according their color. haha! i just realized after looking (hard enough) into the closet, that i don't have much colorful clothes. i need to buy more of those even though sometimes when i have it i'm just to shy to wear it 'cause it doesn't look good with my skin tone. :(

*silly posting

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