(a man) the one that ACTUALLY exist ;p

the one that gave you a birthday present right from his own closet
the first one to tell you that you look pretty with a pixie cut
the one that bought you treats that you crave the most
the one that willing to get wet in the rain 'cause you asked him to accompany you to a very scary street even though he was sick
the one who stole a 'buret' for you 'cause you asked him to
the one that visited you in the hospital when you're sick even though he's miles away
the one who made an 'art' from everything he could find and put it in a desk so you'll have a pleasant surprise in the morning
the one that let you picked two out of ten of his pictures for his important photo presentation
the one who forgave you to ruin his friend's lab coat
the one that hang your 'get well soon' card on his mirror
the one that's not afraid to show his sensitive side
the one that hears your critique and actually done something with it
the one that made your name from a beam of light
the one who paid his friends to sing a love song for you
the one who lets you tied his 'gondrong' hair
the one who drag you to his english course he thinks it'll be fun
the one that lets your friends know him
the one that bought you a CANDY even though you had a bad cough and is lying in a hospital bed
the one that ate all of the fruits that you bought when he was sick
the one that willing to buy you dinner 'cause you don't have any money
the one that gave you a Rp 50.000,-'s worth a book because you desperately need it
the one that willing to take 'angkot gratis' with you even though it's forbidden for him
teh one who asked you to join him and his friends to go hiking although you didn't know them well
the one that's not afraid to ask you to bought him 'batagor' or ice cream
the one that made you smile every time you see him
the one who can brought you back to happiness and joyous when life's brought you to your knee
the one that willing to carry your heavy laundry
the one that's not a shame to carry a feminine bag when you exchange your bag with his
the one who always look into your eyes when you have a conversation with him
the one that lets you know his real birthday when he gave the fake one on Facebook