hey hey heey! i'm back! did you guys miss me? hehe,
by the way, i am so happy that my finals are done for this semester, just can't wait the 4th semester and get busy with campus life again. but before that, i'll enjoy my holiday. i think this holiday i will only be in my house 'cause i don't have any more money to spent. haha!
ah yees.. as you can see in the title, i really really obsessed with giraffe! yeah, i know maybe to some of you guys it is just plain weird. most girls obsessed with an animal like pig, cow, cat or dog. but for me, they just ordinary. actually there were a story behind it, why i love giraffe. well.. it was because i used to like a guy who is really tall. come to think about it now, it's kind of ridiculous. but i found my love for giraffe thanks to him. haha! i had three cute giraffe doll, they're names are Africa, Zou and Tin-tin.  ;p

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