who to blame?

i made this post when i saw my little sister sitting in front of the computer all day. and the worst, when it was time my mom to use that computer, she yelled (can you believe it? she yelled at my mom!) to her complaining that my mom already had enough playing in the computer and it was her turn. heck, she's been in front of the computer all day!
i can't picture how my mom feels that moment. but i know my mom. i know she'll be fine about it. but i don't want to discuss about respect to your mom (not that it isn't important), but i want to discuss how technology affect our lives. well yes, our lives become more and more easy. but you know what they say, "too much is not good". i think that's what happen with my little sister. electronic things at my home suddenly exploded such as TV, computer, etc. everyone at my home is happy about it, but sometimes i hate to see my sister always using them. she forgetting about things, like her world is on the computer.
don't you remember how fun it is to play hide and seek with your neighbor? cycling around your neighborhood? sadly now there's only a few children still want to do that. they prefer to play Play Station, computer, watch TV.
so who to blame? technology? i don't think so. i think parents should limit their children to those things, or maybe their siblings. they have to be educated about using electronics.

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