up in the mountain

this post is an absolute throwback time. one year ago, i went to Colorado after 3 amazing weeks in Hawai'i. because we were only there for a week, our schedule was pretty crazy with knowing how to get around, meeting with professional partners, meeting with rotary club  and organizing impact business plan. At first I thought with the hectic schedule we could only see little of Boulder, but thanks to my great partner Mr. David Steinmann, we could see 'more' than the others.
the second day we were in Boulder, each team got a scheduled meeting with their partners. at first it was only a lunch, but then David brought us to the mountains. we stop twice to take pictures because the view was breathtaking. 
during our conversation in the car, one of my teammate told us that she never seen snow. David, the nice person he is, ask us if we wanted to go to the part of the mountain where there's still snow, so he brought us to Brainard Lake Road. he even prepared coats for us because it was colder up there. turns out it was a pretty awesome day. we had a great time to know each other while enjoying the snow in the middle of summer! haha

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