dining in D.C.

D.C. kept surprising me. First of all, the weather. they told us that D.C would be hot and dry, not like the weather in Colorado. well it was, on the first day we went to The White House. but the next day.. cold as hell! i don't know what happen, but we ended up bundled with jackets and coats every time we have to go outside because the temperature dropped. besides the dreadful weather, D.C surprises me with a range of good restaurants!

it's an Indian food restaurant located in Adam's Morgam neighborhood. all the food are sooo good. i normally don't pick Indian food for lunch, but this place is an exception. if you're a small portion eater, the rice and the naan is quite big. it's better if you share it with a friend. for the price range, it's from 8-16 usd. not bad right?
Shophouse Kitchen
i love the idea of Southeast Asian food fusion! the spices are perfect for our tongue, and the portion is just right for my tummy! this one is located in Georgetown, and ranging from 6-8 usd.

Thomas Sweet
craving for something cold and sweet? this place is the best place to go! they have a range of ice cream flavors. i personally love the mint choco chip one. they're not green like the ones they sold in Indonesia, but just plain white. but when you taste it, the mint is so rich! you can pair your scoop of ice cream with cones or cups. located in Georgetown.

Bangkok Palace
i remember that day when me and several of my Indonesian friends went to visit The Embassy of Indonesia. we craved asian food so much, the embassy people picked this spot! the owner was so nice, and he speaks Indonesian quite fluently! it is located behind the embassy's office. the stir fry chicken was excellent, but the tom yum, not so much.

we had a dinner date with one of embassy employee. this was actually a new restaurant when we came there. the food is good, but a bit pricey. ranging from 10-30 usd. lamb chop was sooo yummy! Jacob, the owner, can speak Indonesian language! located only a few blocks from The Indonesian Embassy.

Las Canteras
another dinner date with embassy employees. but now it's getting bigger! this place is in Adam' s Morgan neighborhood, close to Jyoti. this was actually my first time trying a Peruvian cuisine. i made a mistake ordering a seafood platter because they were all deep fried and it makes me a bit nauseous afterwards.

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