my fellow cetaceans of Raja Ampat

 i was there for my final college paper or as we called it here 'skripsi'. i was so ecstatic for this trip yet so nervous because actually i've been wanting to do this from May. but because of my stupidity and a bit miscommunication, i ended up taking the trip to Raja Ampat in November. but hey, no regrets.
by the way, back to my fellow cute mammals. me and the team found 3 species in total in all of our trip which include bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, and pilot whales (lots of them if i might add). they were bowriding, breaching, and doing all this cute stuff that makes me just want to jump from the boat and swim with them haha.
along the way, we met this wounded sail fish. it has a bright blue color on the front of its sail.

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