perfect ending

i would never guessed that i would have an amazing time in Cappadoccia. Gaby and I always think that our stop here was a perfect ending to our trip. 
to get there: from Ataturk Airport, go to the metro (you could ask people where the metro is), then buy one trip coin (it'll cost you 3 lira) to Otogar. that's where all the buses to go from and around Turkey. out from the metro station, search for building number 24/26, they got a night bus to Cappadoccia at 8:30 pm which will cost you 60 lira. it'll take about 12 hours and with the amount of money you spent for the trip, you'll get comfortable seat, mineral water plus coffee/tea/coca-cola. not bad right? for reminder, do not get off in Nevsehir. get off in Goreme, because although both of this city looks alike, but the real attraction is in Goreme. 

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