have you read today?

it's no secret anymore that technology right now sky rocketed in a minute. i mean, have you ever think that you would ever played in an iPad? or maybe you text someone with only your bare finger and only at a single touch? well i don't. when i was still a little girl, i thought Star Wars is the best thing and the coolest thing in the world because of all the props. but maybe someday and i don't know when would it be, the saber sword will exist (well not the toy one though). 
but i'm getting ahead of myself. okay, my point is that technology makes us lazy even though it blow my mind and makes our life a lot easier. don't believe me? are you going to deny it? don't. just think about it. with the internet roam in our world, we make our assignments based on 'copy paste' methods. whereas in the old days, they will read lots and lots of books to answer a single question. but by reading all those books, the information will get to their brain rather than to 'copy paste'. the information won't get to us because we wouldn't even bother to read it. just think the job were done, and voila! good grades in your hand.
it's really rare for me to find a person that would actually read a book. not a magazine or a comic, but a book. it will always appear in my mind that why wouldn't people read a book? book could bring you to different places, makes you a different peoples by following the main characters in the book, makes you have adventures that you probably won't get in reality. i mean why would anyone says no to escaping the reality for a couple of pages in a book? that's just plain ridiculous. ;)

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