almost basic diver

well.. few things i want to tell you guys form my trip to Pelabuhan Ratu last weekend for my basic diver license! i was so stoked until now :D

there, i developed a silly and i think a short (very short) crush. but i won't tell you who that is ;) moving on to the stories. it was fun, all of my friends (3 of us are seniors, and the rest of them are my juniors) and surprisingly, they are really fun to be with. i never felt any awkward moment. i felt i became closer to them which is good. the more friends the merrier.
on saturday, we spent more than 6 hours on a small boat! we dive for four times (which is actually kinda awesome), but not really awesome on the boat thing. i felt really sick and i throw up for four times (which is the same with the amount of the dive haha!) even though the view underwater wasn't as good as in Wakatobi (of course!) but i actually enjoyed it very much. because it was a new experience for me. the water was murky, the tide is crazy, we were drifted here and there, so it was challenging and i was scared a few times. so yes, it was really exciting for me. and i was so pleased with myself not being panicked with those situation. aand.. the proudest moment was when i finally get a hold of my bouyancy! yay! right now i just have to wait for my certificate.

by the way, digging the OCTOPUS house. inspiration for my future house ;)

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