boys in my class

sometimes, boys in my class can be assholes (excuse my bad vocab). but they do, they really do.

they are a bully
not just to the other boys, but to the girls too. for example, one day my close friend decided to wear a very hip, very chic pants (that looks like an Aladdin pants). me and the girls think it's cute and stylish. but do the boys agree? noooo! they just bully her! they said she looked someone out of the Aladdin movie and for a week (maybe i think until now!) they still asked her "hey, where's your carpet?" SO ANNOYING!

they are no gentlemen
to be specific, they are waaaay far from a gentlemen. they didn't even bother to ask us whether we wanted a ride down ('cause my faculty is really far from the main gate) every after classes while we're waiting for a angkot gratis to come which sometimes could be forever! and if it's dark and it's really really late, they still never bother! usually we girls have to ask them first. gosh, how pathetic.

they are a pussy
they like to talk about people, harassing people, but whey the table turns, they just get mad. that's so not fair and yes. pussy pussy pussy!

well.. they're not always bad. they're actually decent. but still so annoying.

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